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Establishing a Financial Exchange for the Health Care Economy

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IMX™ is pending regulatory approval to become a financial futures exchange for the health care industry. 


IMX™ will create a transparent, two sided market for pricing of health care assets, will provide hedging opportunities for payers and providers and other health care market participants and benefit patients through competition for services and through cushioning price shocks in the marketplace, leading to potentially lower prices and premiums.

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IMX™ Press Release

We are excited to announce today our plans to launch the first financial exchange focused on the health care economy. This will enable institutional and individual market participants – and those whose businesses depend on health care – to manage risk and invest in multiple components of the health care ecosystem.

Health Care as an industry will experience explosive growth over the next two decades.

Who Benefits from a Health Care Exchange? Everyone.


Largest derivatives exchanges worldwide in 2020,

by number of contacts traded (in millions)

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