Our Approach
Healthcare represents nearly 20% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), with spending on certain drug and disease treatments surpassing entire commodity markets.
Until IMX, there was no dedicated derivatives market to hedge against rising costs and other risks facing the industry.
Tomorrow’s Investments
At IMX, we actively engage with healthcare participants, including healthcare systems, insurance providers, and institutional investors, to explore and co-create strategies for managing risk.
Our initial equity-based index futures contract will enable participants to hedge against or profit from the performance of the largest healthcare companies.
We will further expand our offering to include futures on specific healthcare segments alongside our proprietary claims-based indices.
Precision in Data
Our growth targets are rooted in leveraging anonymised data to develop proprietary indices representing component data of diagnosis and treatments, claim volume, treatment costs, and other critical healthcare trends.
This approach empowers us to offer curated products that mitigate risks linked to cost or volume fluctuations, paving the way for price discovery and a whole new asset class for investors.
The research arm of our exchange is powered by producing advanced insights into historical, seasonal, and current healthcare trends with flexible and granular data precision.
Our Insights